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New York


New York


DeVries Global is a 35-year-old New York based company that specializes in integrated communications in the consumer, lifestyle, and better living space. The agency expanded globally in June of 2012, creating a worldwide network between six offices that can provide a new level of service for our clients – current offices include New York, London, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Singapore. The breadth of the agency’s expertise is focused on Beauty; Wellness; Home; Food and Beverage; Fashion and Lifestyle; Retail.

With a deep focus on upping the ante in the social space, we drive campaigns that go beyond brand advocacy to mobilize consumers.  We consider digital immersion a core part of any PR person’s job and are delighted that nearly 100% of our staff is active in multiple social networks, with several maintaining personal blogs and many contributing to the official DeVries blog and Twitter account. Our relationships within the blogosphere span many categories – including parenting, beauty, fashion and food – and social media programming is built into virtually every client plan we recommend.

In response to the rapidly evolving influencer landscape and the ubiquity of social media, as well as an ongoing client need for creative thought leadership and big ideas, DeVries also created our Creative and Strategic Services team two years ago. This team strives to push the boundaries of conventional PR thinking through an intimate understanding of cultural trends, the social media space, ideas that resonate there and how they can be measured.  They work hand-in-hand with our account teams to bring the most innovative PR thinking to our clients, optimizing plans with creativity, strategy and smart measurement.

As we evolve along with our industry, though, one thing never wavers: a relentless focus on consumer public relations excellence.


Cause Related PR
Consumer Products
Crisis Management
Digital Communications
Fashion And Beauty
Food And Beverages
Health And Medical
Marketing To Woman
Media Training
Minority Markets
New Product Introductions
Social Marketing
Social Media

Senior Executives

Jim Allman, Chairman of DeVries Global; Stephanie Smirnov, CEO North America, DeVries Global; Michael Thomas, Chief Financial Officer; Laura Pesin, President and Chief Operating Officer; Jessica O’Callaghan, Executive Vice President; Ivette Sanz Osso, Senior Director of Global Client Services; Nicole Currie Klitchko, Managing Director; Torri Leeds, Managing Director; Molly O’Neill, Managing Director; Jennifer Turano, Senior Vice President; Eileen Moore, Senior Vice President; Sharon Robustelli, Senior Vice President; Deepa Khetan, Senior Vice President; Laura Springer, Senior Vice President; Laura Thomas, Senior Vice President; Adrianna Giuliani, Senior Vice President, Creative & Strategic Services

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Contact Information

Name: Stephanie Smirnov

Title: CEO North America, DeVries Global

E-Mail: ssmirnov@devriesglobal.com

Website: www.devries-pr.com


30 E. 60th St., 14th Floor

New York, NY 10022

(212) 891-0400

Other Information

Beginning November 2013:

909 Third Avenue, 19th Floor

New York, NY 10022


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