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01 Dec 2011

Dukas Public Relations is not the biggest financial public relations firm in New York, and most of its clients are not household names. That makes the firm’s ability to secure coverage of those companies in top-tier media—print outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and The Financial Times; broadcast channels such as Bloomberg and CNBC—even more impressive and explains why Dukas has become a go-to firm for small and midsize financial and professional services firms looking to punch above their weight in a competitive media environment.

Despite changes in the media landscape in recent years, president and chief executive Richard Dukas (who has more than two decades of experience in the public relations business, working in-house and with leading agencies including Ruder Finn and Morgen-Walke) remains convinced that most clients hire a PR firm because they want media coverage. “It’s the Media That Matters,” says the firm in its marketing materials—a double entendre that signifies an understanding that clients want media results, but also that the focus must be on getting the right message into the most appropriate media venues.

Dukas is supported by a strong, stable senior leadership team that includes Seth Linden, executive vice president, head of the financial and professional services group, and leader of the firm’s media training offering, and three directors: Doug Hesney (head of asset management), Sean Dougherty (head of professional services) and Jonathan Goldberg (head of broadcast media).

Despite the fact that the financial services sector continues to feel the lingering after effects of the global economic crisis, Dukas grew its client base from 31 to 38 clients in 2010, ending the year with fee income of around $2.8 million (it is projecting double-digit growth for 2011). New business came from financial services giant Raymond Janes, investment bank JMP Securities, Old Mutual Asset Management, clean tech company Petra Solar and pro-bono account Venture for America. They supplement a client list that includes Bluemountain Capital Management, Credit Union National Association, Eisneramper and Gamco Investors.

Focused on the US, DPR has managed campaigns in the UK directly, from its New York offices.


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