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Director - Day One Agency

New York, NY

Digital Strategy

We’re looking for a senior-level digital strategist to help build on our offering at Day One. This role will lead a team across several consumer brand categories, driving activities including setting digital strategy, community management, calendaring & content creation for the agency’s clients. This role will also manage a team of strategists.

We are all hybrids at Day One Agency and this position is no exception. The candidate will be responsible for different facets of account management, project management, strategy and account planning.

The ideal candidate will bring 5-7 years of consumer brand (agency or client) experience and have a strong sense of digital and social media strategy and excellent personal relationships. Because of the diversity of clients that the agency represents, the ideal candidate must be able to seamlessly transition and generate results across a wide range of consumer brands.

If you have a passion for digital and an excitement to collaborate in a fast-paced, team environment please reach out for more details.

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