2011 Review: Top 10 Blogposts
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2011 Review: Top 10 Blogposts

Arun Sudhaman

It’s that time of the year again. Last year I ran a Top Ten Most Read list which was well received. So kicking off this year's 2011 Review is our most-read blogposts in 2011. Top stories will follow soon in a separate post, along with, possibly, a few other lists as well. The initials after the headline indicate the author. Not that we are competitive or anything...

Our 2011 Review also includes: Top 10 Most Read Stories Top Five Campaigns Top 10 Quotes

A 21st century definition of public relations? - PH Paul provides some groundwork for the PRSA initiative later in the year. Why PR (not communications) is the future - PH Paul takes the difference between PR and communications pretty seriously. With good reason, I’d add. Burson’s Facebook fiasco - PH Burson-Marsteller, welcome to the limelight! What’s wrong with the big, publicly-held PR agencies? - PH Why are independent firms outperforming publicly-held ones? Do you think Pepsi Refresh was a “failure”? - AS Yes! One of my posts finally makes the list. But then I’ve always thought that pageviews are an inadequate measure of greatness. Can the PR industry prosper at Cannes? - AS And another one from me. I’m starting to dominate now. Which is more than can be said for the PR industry’s continued pitiful showing at Cannes. Yes, these “PR problems” really are PR problems - PH Paul is on pretty blistering form here as he takes people to task for trying to marginalise the impact of public relations. The worst reputation a company can have - PH Is one that exceeds it’s actual performance. German PR industry is unhappy with Mercedes-Benz’s Cannes PR win - AS The Germans censure ad agency Jung von Matt for a glaring lack of transparency in an otherwise smart campaign. Poor visibility hampers cautious PR industry as 2012 approaches - AS Final score: PH 6, AS 4. Closer than you might have thought. Tune in for round two next year.
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