Cohn & Wolfe Unveils Proprietary Planning Process
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Cohn & Wolfe Unveils Proprietary Planning Process

Cohn & Wolfe this week became the latest agency to launch its own proprietary research and brand planning process, MindworX.

Paul Holmes

NEW YORK¡XCohn & Wolfe this week became the latest agency to launch its own proprietary research and brand planning process, MindworX.  Based around a set of intelligence gathering and analysis tools, MindworX offers clients ¡§sophisticated brand planning and creative initiatives,¡¨ according to C&W chief executive Donna Imperato.
The distinctive data-driven design of MindworX ¡§leverages consumer communications styles to build stronger brand differentiation in the marketplace,¡¨ says Imperato. ¡§Communication styles allow brand marketers to speak with a voice that is more precisely aligned with the consumer mindset.¡¨

The process is designed to fit the needs of many different types of clients¡Xfrom those launching a new brand to those looking to revive an old concept¡XMindworX can be applied to both large and small-scale brand needs. Using the process, C&W clients are able to tap into knowledge and brand-planning tools that help solve marketing problems, discover alternatives and develop thoughtful and creative differentiating strategies.

Several large PR firms have introduced their own proprietary processes, with Burson-Marsteller¡¦s Perception Management methodology and Manning Selvage & Lee¡¦s Preference Creation approach receiving the most attention. Others have developed processes that they apply to ensure consistent quality of thinking and a disciplined approach to strategy and creativity.

¡§MindworX enables us to provide substantial, and unduplicated, market intelligence to our clients,¡¨ says Imperato. ¡§It also gives our internal teams focus, providing an efficient means to zero in on key issues and opportunities, as well as prioritize and establish a precise, and measurable brand game-plan. Most importantly, MindworX fuels our creativity to think inventively for our clients.¡¨

MindworX tools use a comprehensive consumer database to identify the communication styles and preferences of target users and to create highly effective brand planning initiatives. The five tools include:
„X BrandworX, a proprietary market intelligence and consumer insight tool that provides direction on content, style and media approach for brand messaging
„X StratworX , which uses communications positioning, brand messaging, brand architecture and brand story telling to help create the right positioning for clients
„X FireWorX, which facilitates idea creation through brain-stimulating exercises that tap into individual minds with different communications styles
„X BuzzworX, which utilizes creative sessions to develop continuous opportunistic ideas based on news and current events
„X NetworX, an online brainstorming forum that delivers creative thinking from around the globe

¡§MindworX is a disciplined approach to strategy, which is based on research and brought to life through specific creative processes,¡¨ said Doug Buemi, vice chairman of Cohn & Wolfe. ¡§It is both a philosophy and a set of proprietary tools that we¡¦ve adopted at C&W to direct our thinking and planning and enable us to arrive at the best possible solutions for our clients.¡¨

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