EMC Reviews US PR Agencies
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EMC Reviews US PR Agencies

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Cloud computing giant EMC is reviewing its PR business in North America after working with Outcast for more than eight years.

The review involves agencies on both US coasts. Outcast, however, opted not to re-pitch to retain the business. An EMC spokesperson confirmed the review.

Since 2004, Outcast has worked with EMC across its corporate programs. Last year, Outcast parted ways with EMC subsidiary (and also long-time client) VMware when that business shifted to Hill + Knowlton Strategies. Outcast initially opened its New York outpost in 2004 to service EMC, but has since considerably diversified that office.

Outcast declined comment for the story.

EMC recently reported $23.2 billion in revenues for 2013 -- a 7% year-over-year increase. Last month, the company named a David Goulden as CEO for its information infrastructure business.

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