EMEA News in Brief (November 1, 2009)
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EMEA News in Brief (November 1, 2009)

Nicholine Hayward has joined the Bell Pottinger Group as planning director, plus a new division at Penrose Financial, new business for City Savvy and Waggener Edstromg Worldwide.

Paul Holmes

LONDON—Nicholine Hayward has joined the Bell Pottinger Group as planning director. Hayward has developed her own research methodology to harvest online consumer and stakeholder insights. Previously at McCann Erickson and Grey London, she worked on high-profile campaigns including “Watch your own heart attack” for the British Heart Foundation, as well as projects for GlaxoSmithKline, Looks Magazine, Dairy Crest and Mastercard. 


LONDON—Penrose Financial, a public relations consultancy specializing in financial services and capital markets, has launched a new consumer finance division headed up by Leone Ward. Ward has 12 years of experience in PR and has worked at consumer PR agencies in Australia and the U.K., advising consumer finance clients such as aap, the U.K.'s largest endowment buyer and Mortgage Choice, a mortgage broker in Sydney; as well as consumer clients such as See Australia's Rugby World Cup Tour; Jetstar; and Weetabix. Current clients include Cirencester friendly, Killik & Co, Gore Browne and 1st Exchange.


AMSTERDAM—CitySavvy has been appointed by European Metal Packaging (Empac) to provide ongoing public relations advice and support. Empac provides a unified voice for metal packaging producers throughout Europe and is responsible for promoting the benefits of metal packaging. “We are pleased to have CitySavvy’s international approach and considerable strategic capabilities as we work to ensure that manufacturers, consumers and regulatory bodies increase their understanding of the many advantages and unparalleled sustainability of metal packaging,” says Gordon Shade, CEO of Empac. The account will be run by CEO Jana Sanchez and director Ruth Reynolds.

LONDON—Waggener Edstrom Worldwide has been selected by Economist Conferences to create a strategic communications program to drive interest in The Economist’s upcoming Innovation Awards ceremony and summit. WE will also sponsor the competition’s Bioscience Award. The Economist will utilise Waggener Edstrom’s digital communication expertise and experience in communicating the adoption of new ideas and innovations. The campaign will incorporate the agency’s integrated proprietary suite of tools to measure ROI.

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