German Startup Giant Rocket Internet Spins Off PR Agency
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German Startup Giant Rocket Internet Spins Off PR Agency

Start-up incubator Rocket Internet spins off communications agency under leadership of Andreas Winiarski.

German Startup Giant Rocket Internet Spins Off PR Agency

BERLIN—Rocket Internet, the internet company led by Germany's Samwer brothers, has spun-off its communications division as a standalone agency called RCKT

The move, first reported by PRMagazin, sees Rocket Internet global PR head Andreas Winiarski oversee RCKT as managing partner, alongside RCKT co-founder Nils Seger.
The firm will hive off 35 employees from Rocket and launches with 50 clients drawn from the Rocket's worldwide empire of 70 startups.

Rocket Internet's communications department, said Winiarski, already functioned as a internal agency for the company's various startups. "We believe that we can only improve our services, if we are forced to earn our own money," said Winiarski. "The establishment of RCKT is the logical step."

"We worked as part of an international network spanning five continents with local contacts," added Seger. "We are now responsible for the branding and communications work for all new Rocket start-ups. Many of our existing clients continue to work with us in all required aspects."

The firm offers a broad range of services including  consumer PR, corporate communications, crisis management, branding and content creation. Other key senior executives include branding director Lisa Teicher and PR director Karolin Hewelt.

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