H+K Strategies Taps 'Innovative Publishers' For Advisory Board
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H+K Strategies Taps 'Innovative Publishers' For Advisory Board

BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, Twitter and Brandwatch join firm's first publishing board.

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H+K Strategies Taps 'Innovative Publishers' For Advisory Board
LONDON—H+K Strategies has brought together 15 media players, including LinkedIn, BuzzFeed, Twitter and Brandwatch, to form the first in a series of publishing boards.

The advisory board, which meets in London later this month, will aim help the agency shape its work for clients, develop unique client solutions and map out the future of brands as publishers.
The programme, which is led by H+K's global center of creative strategy in London, includes quarterly sessions to review challenges and developing trends, alongside annual research, events, whitepapers and thought leadership that will be rolled out across the rest of 2015.
"Content marketing is the buzzword on so many people’s lips at the moments, but without a clear idea of how to publish, promote and seed a wonderful piece of work, there’s no hope of it making an impact", said Vikki Chowney, director of content and publishing strategies at H+K.

"We want to explore and experiment with how to publish in a modern world, but base that on real insight and analysis. With a greater focus on using data to inform the creation of great work, there’s so much potential, and we’re excited about what that means for communications today."

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