Hass hire means musical chairs are back
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Hass hire means musical chairs are back

Arun Sudhaman

Mark Hass’ arrival to head Edelman China is an interesting move in more ways than one. Hass, by all accounts, is well-respected within the industry, and his reputation actually appears to have been improved by his sudden departure from MS&L last year. More importantly, the hire should shake up a China market where top-tier talent has proven hard to infuse. There are some superb agency heads in the country, but few new faces in recent years. In getting a former global network CEO, Edelman may have pulled off a coup. Detractors, no doubt, will point to Hass’ lack of China experience. This should not be underplayed, but a move of this magnitude can only be good for the Chinese PR industry at large. The Hass story, I feel, is likely to be the first of several senior moves in Asia-Pacific this year. Markets are unfreezing rapidly, and there is pent-up demand for talent. I’m already hearing of a number of pretty interesting senior shifts that will take place over the next couple of months. A similar trend should also take place in more mature Western markets, albeit on a reduced scale. Already, we’ve seen the highly-rated Jonathan Jordan quit B-M UK to start his own shop. It’s been almost two years since the traditional talent game of musical chairs creaked to a halt. That, for better or worse, is a lifetime in PR terms.
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