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Help AMEC Shape The Future Of PR Measurement

What exactly does the PR industry want when it comes to measurement?

Holmes Report

The Holmes Report is inviting its global readership to take part in a new survey designed to help shape the future of PR measurement.

The results of the survey will be unveiled at AMEC's European Summit on Measurement, to be held in Lisbon on the 8-10 June.

The findings will be presented at the plenary session of the summit, shaping the 2020 agenda for the future of PR research, measurement and evaluation. The survey considers a comprehensive range of PR measurement issues, asking for views on such areas as social media, sponsorship, ROI, events and influencer management.

The session is being led by Dr David Rockland, an AMEC director and global head of research at Ketchum. His team at Ketchum will compile the responses from Holmes Report readers along with input from PR organisations and trade titles from around the world.

Please click here to take part in the survey.

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