KCSA Finds West Coast Partner
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KCSA Finds West Coast Partner

Paul Holmes

NEW YORK, March 19—KCSA Public Relations Worldwide, one of the largest independent public and investor relations firms in New York, has opened an office in Los Angeles, partnering with local agency Pollack PR Marketing Group. Pollack will share its office space with KCSA, with vice president Stefan Pollack serving as KCSA’s west coast representative.                

According to KCSA managing partner Jeff Corbin, “We have witnessed significant enough growth on the West Coast to justify having a beachhead for business in California.” The new office will offer West Coast clients the ability to reach into New York’s media and financial markets, says Corbin.

Adds Pollack, “Through our partnership with KCSA, our agency now adds investor relations capabilities to our roster of services.”

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