MWW/Savitt Adds Branding and Design Firm
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MWW/Savitt Adds Branding and Design Firm

The Seattle office of The MWW Group has acquired branding and design firm Werkhaus Creative Communications to expand its creative capabilities in the Pacific Northwest.

Paul Holmes

SEATTLE, January 28—The Seattle office of The MWW Group, which operates as MWW/Savitt, has long offered an integrated approach to communications, developing a creative department known for producing top quality collateral. Now MWW is going a step further, acquiring branding and design firm Werkhaus Creative Communications to expand its creative capabilities in the Pacific Northwest.
The acquired firm, which has a staff of seven and billings of around $2million, will operate as Werkhaus at MWW and is expected to expand beyond the Seattle market to add creative capabilities to MWW offices in the east.
“Integrated marketing communications has always been part of the strategic underpinning of our client work,” says Kathy Savitt, president of MWW/Savitt. “We believe that it is the most powerful way for companies to leverage their brand and their marketing investment for maximum benefit. Now, we are adding the talents and experience of the Werkhaus team to make Werkhaus at MWW truly a destination for world class design and branding.”
Werkhaus was founded in 1988 and has grown into one of the most respected design and branding firms in the Northwest, working for clients including K2, Immunex, Nike, Microsoft, Nintendo and Regence Health. The firm offers a broad range of creative services, with special expertise in the areas of corporate and brand identity, website design and interactive communications, packaging, and print design. It also has extensive expertise in the area of corporate social responsibility, designing CSR websites for clients such as Nike.
“We have a creative department in Seattle that is well known in the marketplace,” says MWW president Michael Kempner. “But there are some clients who still don’t want to hire a PR firm for creative services. They want a boutique design shop, and this will allow us to offer them that option.”
Werkhaus at MWW will be headed by Werkhaus founder and CEO John Burgess, who says, “Werkhaus and the team at The MWW Group share a passion for communications that get results for clients. We believe that the most effective communications are those that are truly reflective of the brand of a company and are integrated across all disciplines and audiences. This initiative gives us an unparalleled opportunity to do this for our clients.”
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