News of PR Services (October 10)
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News of PR Services (October 10)

New products from General Sentiment, Q Scores Company, and Bluetext; a new appointment at Echo Research.

Holmes Report

JERICHO, NY—General Sentiment and The Q Scores Company have launched their Social TV Audience Reaction (STAR) Monitor, which provides comprehensive daily monitoring of every primetime show across the broadcast universe and insight into online discussion and the emotional attachment between viewers and these shows. The report combines General Sentiment’s online volume and involvement metrics, which provide daily emotional reaction, with Q Scores’ measures of ongoing audience devotion to determine program commitment and staying power.

WASHINGTON, DC—Integrated communications firm Bluetext and General Sentiment, a social media monitoring and analytics firm, have launched an online social media tool called SocialRank that allows companies to quickly measure their social media presence and determine how they rank in comparison to their industry peers. Using a database of more than 500,000 brands and personalities, SocialRank examines social media volume and the content of the social media traffic around a brand, and offers a comparison to other brands.

NEW YORK—Echo Research has appointed Nicole Nelson as business development manager of Echo Sonar in the USA. Nicole joins from VMS where she had worked for five years.


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