Norway's First House Opens Brussels Office
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Norway's First House Opens Brussels Office

First House, a Norwegian corporate and financial public relations firm, is opening an office in Brussels.

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OSLO—First House, which has established itself as one of the leading corporate and financial public relations consultancies in the Nordic region, is opening an office in Brussels under the leadership of Erlend Engh Brekke.

First House has many Norwegian clients with needs connected to the EU and related issues. According to managing director Per Høiby, “Norwegian industry is becoming more dependent on conditions set by the EU, and clients have requested advice on the development of those parts of EU legislation relevant to their business and competitiveness.”

In addition to the new office in Brussels, the firm has appointed Norway’s UN Ambassador Morten Wetland and joined the international network Fipra, which has offices in all EU countries and in more than 50 countries globally.

Brekke will assist clients with understanding and monitoring the initiatives and regulations prior to EU and EFTA Surveillance Authority decision-making and will help clients understand the practical, financial and legal implications of specific EU/EEA decisions.

Brekke is currently the managing director at public affairs firm The Brussels Office.

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