OutCast's Helena Maus Named Bite's North America CEO
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OutCast's Helena Maus Named Bite's North America CEO

Maus joins from sister Next 15 shop as Bite continues to rebuild US operations and reposition itself as a marketing agency.

Aarti Shah

OutCast's Helena Maus Named Bite's North America CEO

SAN FRANCISCO — OutCast's Helena Maus has been named North America CEO of sister agency Bite as it continues to recover from a bout of management shakeups and financial turmoil. 

In the US, Bite is estimated to be around $5.3m with clients that include GoDaddy, Plantronics and Google. Globally, revenues are about $11.7m. In recent years the firm has grappled with a series of leadership changes but has remained steadfastly focused on recasting itself as a marketing services agency — a direction that is expected Maus will continue as she takes over. 

Since 2013, Bite has been on the mend after undergoing four US leadership changes in as many years — as well as accounting fraud. After global CEO Andy Cunningham departed in 2013, Next 15 CEO Tim Dyson took over as interim CEO. 

Later that year, Bite recruited Sean Mills back from Edelman to become regional director of North America. According to his LinkedIn profile, Mills has now become a partner at Bite. Maus has updated her LinkedIn to CEO of North America — a position that has been vacant since 2013. Globally, Kath Pooley heads Bite in the UK and Europe and last year, Bite's AsiaPac operations folded into sister firm Text100. 
Meanwhile, OutCast — where Maus has spent the nearly seven years (most recently as a partner) — continues to be among the most sought-after consumer technology firms in Silicon Valley with a client portfolio that includes Facebook, Jawbone, Instagram, Pinterest, Box, HBO, Spotify, AirBnB, Intuit and Lyft, among others. More recently, the firm has sought to diversify its service offering beyond influencer relations under Jenny Dearing. This contributed to Outcast growing 23% last year to nearly $24m. 

Before OutCast, Maus more than eight years at former OutCast client Yahoo. 

Representatives at Next 15 did not respond to comment. 

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