Public Affairs Pros Launch California-Based Firm
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Public Affairs Pros Launch California-Based Firm

Four public affairs and political experts have joined forces to launch a firm focusing on government and politics.

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LOS ANGELES — Four politics and public affairs pros have come together to launch Vectis Strategies, a bipartisan firm with a national scope. 

The firm’s founders are: Tony Coelho, former House Democratic whip; Ron Packard, former Republican House appropriations chairman on energy and water; Peter Kelly, former California Democratic party chairman; and Republican PR executive David Herbst.

Headquartered in California, with offices in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and Washington DC, Vectis will focus on public affairs and PR, drawing upon the leadership’s connections from their prior experiences with federal, state and local governments and agencies, as well as with media.

The firm will specialize in PR, government affairs on the federal, state and local levels, and business development. It plans to represent public and private corporations, startups, non-profits, philanthropic foundations, and local agencies. Practice areas include: privacy/cybersecurity; municipal infrastructure/transportation; environmental initiatives; and media relations.

The leadership team running the practice areas include: Don Polese, former chief of staff to Packard; Aram Nadjarian, former senior environmental advisor to the California EPA; Dan Caprio, former chief privacy officer and deputy assistant secretary for tech policy at the US Department of Commerce; and Ron Demeter, former senior media strategist for MWW and Capitol Hill journalist.

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