Qorvis Joins Condit PR Team
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Qorvis Joins Condit PR Team

Qorvis Communications is representing the family of missing intern Chandra Levy, which has also been represented by Porter Novelli.

Paul Holmes

  WASHINGTON, D.C., July 24—The number of agencies involved in the Chandra Levy case continues to expand. This week, The Washington Post revealed that Qorvis Communications—the agency formed in partnership between Michael Petruzzello and Patton Boggs—was representing the family of the missing intern, which has also been represented by Porter Novelli.
Qorvis senior partner Judy Smith, who represented Monica Lewinsky during the White House sex scandal, has been working with the Levy family.
Representative Gary Condit, who apparently engaged in a sexual relationship with Levy, is being represented by Marina Ein of Ein Communications, a 12-person firm that has previously represented Michael Milken and Patrick Buchanan. Ein this week became part of the story herself when she urged reporters to look into the missing intern’s sexual history.
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