Services News in Brief (September 13, 2007)
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Services News in Brief (September 13, 2007)

Medialink launches web-based content management platform; dna13 updates its PR and stakeholder management software.

Paul Holmes

NEW YORK—Medialink Worldwide has launched Mediaseed, a Web-based content management platform that offers a digital suite of collaboration, archiving, distribution, publishing, and evaluation features for corporate marketing and communications professionals. By establishing a customized portal via Mediaseed’s website, clients can more easily partner with Medialink for video and rich media production and distribution services, as well as store, share and track assets employed in broadcast and Web campaigns for marketing, public relations or public affairs efforts.

OTTAWA, ON—dna13 has released an update to its suite of public relations, communications and stakeholder management software. New features within dnaEnterprise, dnaProfessional and dnaMunicipal include integration with Microsoft Outlook, improved search capabilities and enhanced analytics as well as  content from BurrellsLuce. dna13 allows customers to have greater control over their media monitoring search results by providing users with greater customization of search terms and rules.

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