Sterling Expands Into Healthcare Market
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Sterling Expands Into Healthcare Market

Sterling Communications has become the latest agency has extended its focus to include the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Paul Holmes

SAN JOSE, November 30—Sterling Communicationshas become the latest agency—following in the footsteps of fellow technology specialists such as Brodeur Worldwide and FitzGerald Communications—has extended its focus to include the medical and pharmaceutical industries, a decision it says has helped it prosper despite the ongoing slowdown of the computer-related technology industry.
“Sterling has had a long-term objective of expanding into the markets for medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare products,” says Paul Forecki, vice president and general manager of the firm’s Northwest operations.  “Even during the recent tech boom, Sterling put plans in place to expand beyond high tech, capitalizing on our significant employee experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. These fast-paced markets are a natural fit for our brand of strategic communications, allowing us to quickly raise clients above the hype.”
Sterling was recently retained as agency of record by Rheologics, a medical device and pharmaceutical company focused on hemorheology and its effects on vascular-related diseases, and medical device company Cybernet Systems has extended its existing relationship with Sterling.
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