Waggener Edstrom Promotes Carolyn Camoens To Regional VP
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Waggener Edstrom Promotes Carolyn Camoens To Regional VP

Singapore GM takes on added responsibilities across Southeast Asia.

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SINGAPORE — Waggener Edstrom has promoted Carolyn Camoens to regional VP of Southeast Asia, adding on to her existing responsibilities as GM for the agency in Singapore.

In her new role, Camoens will oversee WagEd’s network and business across the Southeast Asian region, including multi-market clients across the public and private sectors. She will continue to report to Matthew Lackie, SVP & APAC Lead.

“Over the past five years, Carolyn has demonstrated an excellent track record in growing the business, showing strong entrepreneurial skills and providing excellent client consultancy,” said Lackie.

Camoens started her career with WagEd in 2009 as digital lead for the Singapore office. She was later promoted to deputy GM and most recently GM for Singapore.

The promotion coincides with WagEd’s growth in Asia-Pac, including a 13% increase in the number of APAC multi-market regional clients.
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