PR Trends Forecast: What's Hot In 2012?
Charting the future of public relations
Holmes Report

PR Trends Forecast: What's Hot In 2012?

A new multi-part series explores prospects for growth in the PR industry, looking at tech, public affairs, consumer, corporate, digital and healthcare.

Paul Holmes

In a new multi-part series, the Holmes Report explores how various trends will affect the growth prospects for key public relations disciplines:

Consumer Marketing: A resilient sector sees growth from content creation, corporate convergence and purpose-driven marketing.

Corporate Reputation: Hot: employee engagement, corporate responsibility, the energy sector and financial services. Still not: M&A and other transactions.

Public Affairs: Hot: elections, restoring trust, developing markets, energy. Not so hot: public spending.

Technology: Ubiquity and convergence are two big buzzwords in technology for 2012. And look out for cleantech.

Healthcare: Challenges remain, but expect an aging population to create opportunities, and plenty of activity in public affairs.

Digital: Continued growth in content creation, new killer apps, and a more data-driven approach to digital.

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