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Obituary: Michael Sullivan, MSLGroup Consumer Head

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Holmes Report 08 Feb 2012

NEW YORK--Michael Sullivan, North American consumer practice leader at MSLGroup, has passed away.

Sullivan joined MSLGroup in June 2010 after heading his own firm, SullivanBremer. He had previously served as a president at DeVries Public Relations.

A respected consumer marketing specialist, Sullivan's 20 years of PR experience included a particularly long relationship with P&G. He had recently been due to transfer to MSLGroup's London office for a special assigment with the FMCG company. 

In a post on MSLGroup's website, chief client officer Renee Wilson paid tribute to Sullivan's effect on the firm.

"Michael changed the game for us in consumer – he let us know that what we were doing could be so much better. What had been acceptable no longer was, if you were working with Michael. He pushed our teams – HARD. And not everyone liked it, but no one can dispute he made us better public relations strategists. I see his effect on many of you, and it’s inspiring."

Details of the memorial service can be found here.

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