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Founded in 1999, at the height of the dot-com boom, Atomic has survived and thrived in part because of a distinctive analytical approach to communications—its ComContext process, developed over six months before the firm took on any clients, is designed to provide agency teams with critical insights that fuel strategy, elevate creative thinking, and provide granular metrics on program performance—and a focus on helping clients cope during times of transformation: communicating a change in positioning, raising awareness, dealing with an IPO or acquisition. The firm also applies a rigorous approach to client relationship management, with online portals that foster real-time collaboration, automate several basic tasks, and free up time and money for the more important task of finding and telling authentic stories for clients—an approach that helps ensure cost-effective communication.
 Founded by Andy Getsey, James Hannon and Rebecca West, who met while Getsey was president and COO of tech agency Shafer—Hannon was his first hire, West joined a couple of years later—Atomic has grown at a healthy rate, and in the past 12 months revenues were up from $3 million to around $5 million, while headcount grew to around 36. While the firm is best known for its work in technology, it has been adding consumer and entertainment accounts in the past 12 months (having acquired a southern California entertainment PR boutique in late 2006) and a new lifestyle PR brand, Civilia, will be launched early in 2007.
 The firm’s largest clients span the software, search, social media, Web 2.0, integrated circuits and entertainment sectors, and include CMP Media Electronics Group and  CMP Embedded Systems Conferences; FalconStor, a leader in data protection software; Savvion a pioneer in business process management; Hi5, the world’s second largest social network; LinkedIn, a leading business-oriented social network; BitTorrent, a file sharing technology with more than 125 million users; Ad Tech; Sigma Designs; and Echelon. High profile work has ranged from addressing environmental issues on behalf of CMP and Echelon (Atomic secured Al Gore as a speaker at a CMP conference), and helping BitTorrent position itself at the intersection of many of the critical issues confronting the digital entertainment industry, such as copyright and intellectual property rights.
“Atomic is living up to its reputation as an alternative PR energy source, and we find its fresh combination of analytic approach, big creative thinking and streamlined execution very appealing,” says Ken Lowe, vice president of strategic marketing at Sigma Designs, a leader in the IPTV and HG chip business. “The Atomic team came up to speed, developed a keen perspective about Sigma Designs and began generating positive outcomes at a refreshingly high velocity.”
Atomic works primarily in the domestic U.S. market but has international relationships through its n42 and RainierNet networks.
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