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With Hong Kong the traditional center for public relations in the Asia-Pacific region (most multinational PR firms still have their regional headquarters in the former colony) and the People’s Republic of China experiencing phenomenal growth and generating tremendous excitement, it’s easy to forget about the third market that makes up the Greater China region, but Taiwan has developed into a significant public relations market in its own right, home to large offices for several of the regional giants and a handful of strong local firms, of which Compass PR is perhaps the strongest.


The firm derives its name from the device (invented by the ancient Chinese) that provides a direct and unerring sense of direction in an oft-changing and sometimes unfamiliar landscape and prides itself on four values: customer satisfaction, commitment, competence and consistency.


Established in July of 1989 by a group of experienced practitioners from various fields—led by CEO Pauline Leung, former public relations manager at Hilton International Taiwan—the firm today has a team of more than 30, including president Beatrice Lin, who joined in 1993 after working for United Pacific International PR and United Communications Group, and vice presidents Margo Chao and Vivian Liu. New additions in 2007 included account director Vicki Lin, who rejoined after two years on the corporate side of the business, and senior account managers Connie Lin, who joined after the merger of Compass with subsidiary Knowledge Public Relations, a specialist in luxury goods.


With the political situation in Taiwan hampering growth and overseas multinationals reluctant to invest heavily, last year saw flat revenues, although the merger with Knowledge consolidated Compass’ position in the market and added several luxury brands to its roster., which includes major brands such as Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, Chrysler, Macau Government Tourist Office, Airbus, Singapore Airlines, Unisys, Qualcomm, MediaFlo, LG, LPL and Fenisia Hotel. Major programs in 2007 included the visit of the new Airbus A380 to Taipei.


While the firm focuses on the Taiwanese market, it is affiliated with Burson-Marsteller and works with the giant firm on regional programs.

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