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When they launched Gable-Cook-Schmid in 2001, Tom Gable and partners Jon Schmid and Rick Cook decided to turn the traditional agency model on its head. GCS is top heavy, with a senior counselor actively involved in every account (and the senior team boasts an average of 20 years experience in the business and includes two former Pulitzer nominees) and focused on complex reputation and issues management challenges. But the operating model is also “semi-virtual,” so overhead is low and savings can be passed on to clients. The model enables the agency’s partners to lead customized teams of cross-functional (media relations, promotions, community outreach, public affairs and events) experts with the specialized industry knowledge and media relationships

Says Dr. Ivor Royston, scientist, entrepreneur and managing member of Forward Ventures: “The credentials and experience of the GCS partners are evident in the results they produce. As former journalists, they excel at making complicated financial and scientific issues understandable and their contacts with national and local media are unsurpassed. GCS has been very effective with strategies that noticeably build the reputations of their clients over time.” Adds Lee Stein, CEO of Xn Corporation, “It is rare that one maintains a 19-year relationship with a public relations professional. It is even rarer that the relationship transcends multiple industries, with success in each, which has occurred with Tom Gable.  As a common theme, Tom and his teams of professionals are dedicated to its clients’ success, no matter what the business.”

                Revenues for the year were $1.74 million, up by better than 60 percent on the previous year, propelled by a major new assignment for the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and the continuation of work for Pfizer La Jolla, Fair Isaac, Forward Ventures and Lankford & Associates. Other major clients include San Diego Film Festival and—new to the roster this year—San Diego Rescue Mission, W Hotel San Diego, and UCSD Extension. Interesting assignments included work with San Diego County Regional Airport Authority to educate county residents about the site selection process for a potential new airport location and statewide media relations to provide background on the important drug discovery and development work underway at Pfizer La Jolla, including promising new medicines to treat cancer, macular degeneration and diabetes.

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