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Most high-tech public relations specialists hunkered down at the beginning of the recession, putting any ambitious expansion plans on hold and preferring to wait it out. But Sabrina Horn apparently isn’t much for hankering down, and so while others were playing it conservatively, she was still making moves: opening a New York office for one (and even moving to the east coast herself to take day-to-day responsibility for growing the firm’s business in the Big Apple); creating a network of partners to expand both service offering and geographic reach for another.
 The creation of HGI.net is typical of Horn Group’s approach to high-tech PR, one that refuses to be bound by traditional approaches and that seeks to offer clients true business partnerships, not just a menu of services. The network includes consulting firms specializing in CEO peer discussion groups, leadership positioning, and strategic marketing; design and branding companies, offering corporate identity and interactive services; and international partners such as Aboda Communications of China, EastWest Public Relations  of Southeast Asia, and Firefly Communications, one of the leading pan-European communications firms for technology companies.
 Those initiatives weren’t enough to fend off the effects of the recession entirely—revenues declined to around $8 million, from $9 million in 2001—but they were enough to keep Horn in the game. The firm added $1 million of new business in New York, where clients include CapitalThinking; firstRain; and Managed Objects. Other new business came from Critical Path—along with Commerce One one of two major turnarounds in which Horn is now involved—and Agile Software.
 Always well respected for its employee programs—which have won awards from Working Woman magazine and others—Horn did not cut back on its commitment to being a workplace leader despite tough times.
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