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Levick Strategic Communications

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Michale Robinson, 202-973-1300

Washington, D.C., New York, London


Richard Levick, an attorney, launched Levick Strategic Communications in 1998 to provide strategic communications counsel to professional service firms, and was quickly able to count more than half of the American Lawyer 200 law firms among his clients. But working closely with attorneys, Levick soon spotted an even more exciting opportunity: working alongside those attorneys on high-profile litigation and other crises, partnering with them to ensure that their clients received the best representation in the court of public opinion as well as in the court of law.

                The firm has since established itself as a leader in litigation, crisis, financial and public affairs communications, doubling its revenues over the past three years to close in on $10 million in fees—enough to make it one of the five largest independent firms in the Washington, D.C., market. The growth came in both the litigation and marketing sectors, with many firms working with Levick on both fronts. Product liability, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, and SEC-related issues (including corporate and individual actions), were particularly active.

                The firm has handled some high-profile issues, both domestically and globally, from the Guantanamo Bay controversy and the crisis in the Catholic Church to the Rosie O’Donnell Rosie magazine lawsuit and the largest civil litigation arising from the war in

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