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When Internet bookseller was looking for a U.K. consumer agency, several sources suggested it talk to Nelson Bostock Communications. But the company was reluctant. It didn’t want a “technology” agency, and so NBC did not make the initial shortlist. It was only after one of the original finalists dropped out that the firm was brought in to the competition—and it promptly demonstrated sufficient strategic and creative thinking to win the business.
But the fact that its technology heritage was still overshadowing the firm’s successful diversification into the consumer category prompted a rethink of Nelson Bostock’s branding strategy and led to the 2010 launch of the Nelson Bostock Group. The new structure will see Nelson Bostock Communications continue to focus on business-to-business and technology clients, while two new brands—Fever PR and Things with Wings—will focus on consumer public relations and digital conversations respectively.
The reorganizing also means a new management structure. Martin Bostock, a veteran of venerable U.K. agencies Extel and Good Relations, continues to serve as chairman, with 14-year NBC veteran Lee Nugent leading day-to-day operations as managing director. Lucy Mayo (another 14-year veteran with experience in the lifestyle, food and drink, and consumer technology arenas) and newcomer Frankie Oliver serve as joint heads of Fever, while Dave Smith was named managing director of Things With Wings, and Simon Glazer (former U.K. managing director of technology specialist Blanc & Otus) is head of CIT at Nelson Bostock Communications.
If the early indications are anything to go by, the new strategy is a success. The group expects growth of around 20 percent in 2010—an impressive rebound after a difficult 2009—and will thus end the year with a team of around 60 people delivering fee income in excess of £5.5 million. Nelson Bostock has won some of the year’s most sought-after technology accounts, including Facebook, CA Technologies, WDS Global, DivX, SurveyMonkey and the U.K. Hydrographic office, while Fever has picked up assignments from BBC Worldwide, JackpotJoy, Warner Digital and American Express. And the firm continues to work for blue-chip brands including Canon, HTC, Toshiba, Amazon and Warner.
The firm’s work for the U.K. Hydropgraphic Office has been particularly noteworthy, helping to establish the client as the leading source of digital oceanographic maps at a time when the government is mandating that all ships be equipped with digital navigation equipment.
For HTC, one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world, NBC handled the launch of two new handsets—HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z—with a global press conference in London for over 400 press, which saw blanket coverage across the globe on TV, as well as in online and print titles, and resulted in HTC becoming one of the top trending topics on Twitter shortly after the announcement. Fever, meanwhile, organised an exclusive high-profile event that saw the first live U.K. gig from the ZingZillas on BBC Radio One.
According to Jason Gordon, director of global communications at HTC: “Nelson Bostock brings a unique balance to public relations by blending technical savvy, industry understanding and creative thinking. The team displays a rare dedication to long-term strategic development as well as short-term tasks at hand. I am pleased to have Nelson Bostock as our regional European PR partner and look forward to continued success in the future.”
Nelson Bostock works through an international affiliate network, Compass, which enables it to deliver PR campaigns both locally and globally. Nelson Bostock currently provides international support for clients such as Canon Europe, HTC and DivX.
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