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The oak is a symbol of stability, and more: in days of yore, people would gather around the oak to discuss important decisions; they would use oak branches to build protective fences; they would plant oaks during wedding celebrations. PRP chose the oak as its graphic logo to reflect its commitment to building enduring relationships with clients, media, business partners and staff on a foundation of frank counselling and ongoing evaluation.

            Established in Brussels in 1963, PRP has been around longer than most of its competitors. Its team of 16 multilingual and multicultural professionals offers a range of services including public affairs and government relations, corporate communications, brand and marketing communications, media relations and media training, internal communications, and issues (including environmental issues) and crisis management. It works across multiple sectors, with experience in chemicals, consumer goods, healthcare, leisure, real estate and technology.

            The management team includes Jacques Lechat, and expert in corporate and crisis communication who joined the firm in 1976; Edgard Eeckman, formerly managing partner of Van Luyken & Eeckman; and Francine Robbens, former managing partner at Beauchez Benelux; and Erik Struys, senior consultant in the healthcare sector, who led corporate communications for Siemens in Belgian and ran his own PR consultancy before joining PRP in early 2004.

            Growth over the past 12 months was 10 percent, and the firm has fees of around €1.5 million.

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