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The Synergy Public Relations name explicitly acknowledges what most public relations people believe: that good PR helps create win-win scenarios for all parties, including clients, media, and relevant stakeholders. Faith in that idea has helped founder and president Nawzer Kerawala build his firm over the past 14 years into one of the best midsize operators in the Indian market, offering a broad range of services (media relations, corporate and marketing communications, financial communications, employee communications and more recently online and social media counsel) and a variety of sectors (consumer goods, hospitality, technology and more), always with a focus on helping clients build brand and reputation capital.

The economic downturn has had minimal impact on Synergy’s business, with no significant client losses as a result of the global crisis, and the firm continues to work with several high-profile Indian business and a few western multinational: Trent (a Tata enterprise), Florsheim Shoes, Club Med, Prism Cements, Sezal Glass, and PJL Clothing among them. Interesting assignments included introducing and establishing a new brand identity after Zara became Nas homes, and helping to create an award-winning communications strategy for Minawala gems and jewels as the company grew from a single store offering ethnic products to a chain offering a more contemporary range.

Synergy Public Relations “has been our national media relations agency for our retail venture for the past four years and has been serving us well,” says Noel Tata, managing director of Trent. “They have always been prompt and have delivered up to our standards.”

Synergy provides some international support to clients, through its own operations and with the help of established partners and affiliates.—PH

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