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In 1995, Taurus Marketing founder and chief executive Sharon Williams—a U.K. national with broad international marketing and public relations experience—was approached by Peter Kazacos, chief executive of the KAZ Group, a fast-growing, privately-held operator of IT data centers and asked to assist him in building KAZ into the largest IT services brand in Australia. A dozen years later, KAZ had listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, made a number of acquisitions, expanded into new markets, and been acquired twice—first by Telstra and later by Fujitsu Australia—while Taurus had established itself as one of the leading technology marketing and public relations firms in the Australian market.


What sets Taurus apart from the competition in a crowded sector is its integrated approach: it offers a wide range of strategic (business and strategy planning) and creative (branding, website design, exhibitions and sales promotion) services in addition to its core public relations and marketing services. Its initial focus was on the business-to-business technology category, and it continues to work with a host of retainer clients in the sector, many of whom have been with the firm since its early years. But it has also expanded in recent years to serve clients from the financial and professional services, emerging technologies, pharmaceuticals, mining, media and sustainability sectors.


Williams, who has more than two decades of experience spanning positions in London, continental Europe, Hong Kong, and throughout Asia, continues to lead the firm, supported by PR account director Tracy Pendergast, whose clients have included IBM and Deloitte Consulting. New additions over the past 12 months include communications specialist Belinda Williams, who previously held national campaign management positions with St. George Bank and the Greater Building Society, and Katie Lawley, a corporate communications professional with more than 25 years of experience in international public and media relations, employee communications, and brand development.

The past 12 months have been difficult, with the technology sector impacted early and severely by the global recession, but the firm has picked up an impressive 17 new clients during the year, and its account list includes some impressive names. Among the firm’s current clients: QBE, Datacom, Asus, funnelback, HostWorks, First Data International, neoware, connxion, BetFair, NetApp, SunGard and Risk Shield.


In addition to its work for KAZ, which included investor relations support for its successful float, ongoing media relations work, as well as internal communications, sponsorship support and crisis communications, Taurus has helped QBE Insurance Group manage its relationships with key financial and business journalists and provided strategic counsel to CEO Frank O'Halloran; worked to raise the media profile of WebCentral, Australia's largest web and application hosting company; supported Maxon Australia with public relations and integrated marketing expertise; and delivred a steady stream of media coverage reaching CEOs, CIOs and IT decision makers for Datacom.


“To measure results we set specific key performance indicators around PR, signing stories and case studies,” says Datacom chief executive Michael Browne. “Taurus is performing exceptionally well against every benchmark.” Adds Sam Riley, managing director of Ansarada, “Working with an integrated agency saves us time and takes away risk. Dedicated frontline people and an agency principal I can call anytime means I don’t waste time with people who don’t know my business and results are fast.”


Taurus works globally with Australian clients as well as servicing international brands in

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