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Lloyd Trufelman, 212-725-2295, New York


TrylonSMR founder Lloyd Trufelman is unabashedly old school. Having learned his craft at Rubenstein Associates (which has spawned more than its share of successful PR entrepreneurs) and honed it with media companies such as MTV and CBS, he’s a media maven who understands the value of relationships with reporters and isn’t ashamed to call himself a publicist. To ensure success, he uses a proprietary “reverse reporting” model that starts by asking what journalists are interested in and then develops stories that meet their needs.

                The firm focuses on delivering consistent, targeted media placements to clients in the media, technology and related industries, on measuring both the quantity and quality of media coverage generated, and on providing personalized service and rapid response. It also works exclusively on a monthly retainer basis (not on the hourly system that has come to dominate the industry). Explains Trufelman, “We sell result, not time.”

                The firm continued to focus on the technology, media and telecommunications niche that has served it well since its launch in 1990, and has benefited from the renewed growth and energy of that sector over the past 12 months. Major clients include BusinessWeek; IDG Corp.; The Weather Channel; MediaEdge:CIA; Syndicated Network Television Association; The Week magazine, MSN TV;  Women’s Health magazine; RedDot Solutions; and National Cinemedia.

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