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In 2005, David Wolf departed his role as Burson-Marsteller’s Asia-Pacific technology practice head to take a year-long sabbatical. The break lasted just three days before clients started calling on Wolf for strategic counsel to augment their current agency relationships.

Pretty soon, Wolf had launched Wolf Group Asia (WGA), a small boutique firm that punches well above its weight in the thought leadership stakes. Wolf himself is one of China’s more articulate commentators, a regular presence in the media, where his nuanced understanding of the Middle Kingdom’s unique PR challenges is relatively rare. His agency serves clients in China, the US and Europe - focusing on providing senior-level counsel to companies in creative and innovative industries, including online, mobile telecoms, entertainment, IT and aerospace. Specific capabilities include strategic oversight, corporate communications, government relations and market-entry management.

The firm counts five staffers across three offices: its Beijing HQ, Hong Kong, and a new office in Los Angeles which was launched last year. The latter development reflects increasing demand from US-based clients looking for China PR counsel, and also prepares the ground for Chinese companies that are looking westward for expansion.

Prior to launching WGA, Wolf led Burson-Marsteller’s technology practice for five years, building it into the agency’s largest regional practice. Before that, he was MD and COO of ClaydonGescher Associates, a boutique public affairs consultancy based in Beijing.

WGA’s performance in 2010 impressed, with the firm growing its revenues by more than 20 percent. Many of WGA’s client relationships are confidential, but some that are in the public domain include Motorola Mobility, Burson-Marsteller and Irdeto Access.

In particular, the consultancy’s long-term relationship with Motorola has seen it manage transitions in regional leadership, regional communications leadership, transitions in product line, and in corporate structure - all within a one year period in China.

WGA works across Asia-Pacific and with partner agencies in Australia, the UK and North America. Wolf is also a member of Singapore-based consultancy Watatawa’s catalyst group.—AS

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