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Account Executive — GCI Health

London, UK

As an Account Executive, you will be responsible for project managing projects and other key outputs under the guidance of other team members, as well as playing an active role in the broader smooth running of accounts.  

You will have a willingness and ability to manage suppliers, maintain project client contact, lead environmental monitoring for your account teams, and be a key relationship holder with media contacts.  

You will be dedicated to learning about the world of health communications and the integrated communications options that GCI Health London and the WPP network offers. This will include your own research, reading and on-the-job training, as well as attending training sessions provided by the company. 

In addition, you will play a vital role in agency operation, proactively working to effectively support all aspects of GCI Health London’s systems and processes.  


Key responsibilities include:  

✓ Activity and Project Management: You will manage projects and shorter-term activities from beginning to end, with the support of your senior team as appropriate. You will set timelines, proactively report to your teams regularly (and unprompted) and effectively manage suppliers to deliver projects and other outputs according to your clients’ objectives.   

✓ Client Service: You will ensure regular visibility of your work to your clients and establish personal relationships with them that demonstrate your role on their business and expertise. You will proactively work to implement ongoing solutions in response to their needs.   

✓ Administration: You will demonstrate high quality, proactive account administration, increasing account efficiency and supporting the delivery of client objectives at all times. Outside of your accounts you will efficiently manage company administration when required, fully support new business pitches and store account information in current, logical and accessible systems enabling ease and speed of access by all team members.  

✓ Media Management: You will demonstrate a proactive, results-driven management of on and off-line media ensuring coverage opportunities are capitalised upon and results presented back to the client.       

✓ Media Relationships & Pitching to Audiences:  You will establish relationships with key journalists representing client market sectors and maintain these to maximise opportunities for client coverage.    

✓ Copywriting: You will demonstrate proficiency in the primary forms of PR copywriting, including press releases, case studies, articles and email/letter writing. Regularly demonstrating these skills for both healthcare professional and consumer audiences.  

✓ Digital Media: You will demonstrate a strong understanding of the digital media landscape, utilising digital media tools for superior client service.  

✓ Reporting:  You will continually strive to achieve timely, quality-driven client reporting and information sharing.    

✓ Knowledge Building:  You will quickly build and maintain a current and comprehensive understanding of the media, current affairs, client organisations, their market sectors and GCI Health London’s business objectives.    

✓ Team Player: You will have a positive, proactive, can-do attitude and demonstrate flexibility and willingness to contribute and go above and beyond across all of your accounts and the company as a whole. 

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