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Account Manager — VSC

San Francisco, CA

Silicon Valley is where personal ideas become global businesses. How about working for one of the most creative forces in tech and telling the stories of the people defining your generation? 


VSC is a strategic communications agency seeking the strategists, storytellers, and data nerds who will have lasting impact upon the companies and startups who are pushing the frontiers of our society. 

Whether it's robots making pizzas at Zume; literally helping scientists cure cancer at Mission Bio; connecting brands with talent at Jyve; or exploring virtual reality in the classroom with Nearpod; you'll get to work with some of the most revolutionary companies on the planet.  

The world needs storytellers. Tech is cool, but if it doesn’t tell a story, what’s the point? This is why VSC will teach you the skills to not only pay the bills, but give your readers chills. 


  • A freestyler - you win friends and influence people with your on-the-spot ideas, clarity, brevity, and humor 

  • A critical thinker - you question everything and can remix insights across what you read, hear, and see 

  • A killer writer - show us your blog posts and prove it 

  • A design maven – you know how to whip up something stunning in video, HTML, InDesign, and Photoshop 

  • A leader - you show up early, roll up your sleeves, and dive into whatever the day holds 


  • 5-7 years of experience 

  • Demonstrated passion for technology 

  • Proven success managing PR programs in a relevant industry (tech, startups, b2b, consumer) 

  • Relevant experience leading and retaining client accounts with professionalism and confidence 

  • Experience in building media relationships and securing meaningful coverage for clients 

  • Resourcefulness to tell stories that haven’t been told before and create/inspire new narratives across accounts 

  • Ability to analyze and contextualize information and form strategic recommendations 

  • Capacity to inspire engagement that leads to lasting loyalty across accounts and your team 


  • You are a constant learner and desire to be an expert in all your endeavors 

  • You thrive off building relationships and collaborating with people who have different skill sets 

  • You like when expectations are set so you can surpass them 


VSC understands that extraordinary people don't take ordinary jobs. 

You'll work alongside people who have won more than 100 awards for breakthrough PR campaigns. Among your teammates are musicians, writers, spoken word artists, athletes, illusionists, rappers, gamers, and other creatives who work hard and celebrate each win, no matter how big or small. Together, VSC has accrued decades of experience by working in the trenches with more than 300 businesses and startups to innovate their communications strategies in new ways. That's because we champion the obsessives, the geeks, the contrarians, and the idealists, and we embrace diversity in thought and practice. 


VSC is located in the center of the San Francisco Bay Area, once described as “the most productive and innovative land mass in the world.” But you wouldn’t know it by the relaxed atmosphere within our offices. From our fluid and flexible office space to themed celebrations and entrepreneur freestyles, VSC grants you access to the forefront of technology and design, but with a solid workplace to stay grounded. 

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