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Chief Client Officer - Hotwire PR

San Francisco, CA; New York, NY

What is my role?

You are a member of Hotwire’s Global Leadership Team, working alongside the Group CEO and GLT to turn our vision and strategies for the business into reality. It is your job to take Hotwire to ‘best agency’ levels globally, ensuring we achieve operational excellence and peak business performance in terms of attracting, growing and maintaining large global brands in excess of $1M/year.  You will initially be responsible for “owning” the relationship of our top 10 clients globally.  You will provide strong leadership in developing not only best practices but innovative ways to staff and service top global brands and ensure our approach is delivered consistently across all regions and offices. You will be market facing, developing a network of key contacts within the industry at large global brands.  You will play a key role in our marketing efforts, winning the hearts and minds of CMOs within large companies and target cache brands. You are a decision maker and problem solver, trusted by all to act for the greater good of Hotwire in line with our values and in support of our clients’ needs. Your work will ensure that we are delivering on the promise of being a true global alternative to the status quo. You will be a strategic advisor to colleagues and clients alike, and a trail blazer and thought leader in the communications industry.

What can I expect?

Reporting to Global CEO and working closely with the GLT and especially the NA president, you will be critical in developing and delivering our approach to managing large global accounts.  Your work across all regions, with heavy emphasis on the US will ensure a ‘one team’ mentality as the agency grows and evolves.  You will focus on both the pragmatic and the strategic, influencing and implementing both short and long-term initiatives required to establish strong performance in global account acquisition and management. You are a first port of call for resolving urgent, strategic issues with our largest accounts. As such you will be expected to deal with a wide range of business scenarios with tenacity, intelligence and enthusiasm.

You will also be expected to develop our Managing Directors internationally, in terms of global account management and retention.

You can expect a significant degree of autonomy within your role, and will be expected to act proactively to ensure optimum performance of the business at all times. This will mean dealing with multiple teams, departments and geographies, and traveling as required to get the best results.

What’s important?

You will be instrumental in helping Hotwire become the best agency our team and clients will ever work with. Specifically ensuring:

  • an exceptional experience for our top global clients
  • revenue growth from $1M/year new accounts as well as organic growth from existing regional accounts into $1M/year global clients
  • the development and growth of our global account teams at all levels
  • change and crisis situations are managed smoothly and effectively

It is important to build trust and connections across the global team, communicating effectively and acting as a role model for the junior team while maintaining strong and positive working relationships with your peers and senior team members. You should possess emotional maturity and humility to enable you to take on sensitive people and business management issues. You should act as an enabler, knowing when to step forward to support your team, and when to take a step back to allow them to shine. You should have strong opinions, backed up by experience and learning, and be excited to embrace and endorse new ways of thinking and working

­­How will I be measured?

  • Hit revenue budgets globally
  • Client satisfaction >75%
  • Grow $1M/year accounts from 1 to 3 by end of FY18
  • Leadership satisfaction <75%
  • Client award wins(?)

FY18 Priorities

  • Global account management playbook and training
  • Business development approach to meet goals
  • CMO marketing plan to support goals
  • Integration into top 10 accounts globally
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