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Director — GCI Health

London, UK

As a Director at GCI Health London, you will build upon your current, comprehensive knowledge of the UK, European and global healthcare communication environments, to play an instrumental role in the development and management of GCI Health London.  

You will have a hands-on approach in managing clients and delivering strategic, impactful and well-thought-out communications programmes that are based on expert industry-specific knowledge and meet client expectations and objectives. Your role will be to train, coach and mentor the whole team to ensure the smooth and successful delivery of all client programmes and the profitable management of not only your dedicated accounts but also GCI Health London.  

You will also take a proactive role in business development and the continued high growth of the agency, working with all teams to assist in organic growth of their accounts, expanding current clients to include more franchise work and migrating US clients to Europe. You will also play a key role in new business pitching, mining our personal contacts for pitch opportunities and playing the lead role in managing the pitch process from research to presentation and beyond. Your leadership, knowledge and experience of the industry and communications will be paramount. You will also work with your counterparts in other GCI Health offices and WPP companies to learn from their experiences. You will need to insert yourself in discussions about organic growth and pitching and take a lead role in teaching and coaching all GCI Health London staff in how to assess for new business or organic growth opportunities and how to approach clients for the best possible outcome. 

GCI Health have worked hard to nurture and build a business, environment and culture we are very proud of, recognised most recently via being named as Communique’s 2018 Small Consultancy of the Year. You will be expected to behave in a positive manner at all times, motivating all staff you work with and those in the wider team both professionally and personally. You are expected to be respectful, friendly, approachable and conscientious at all times. 


Key responsibilities include:    

✓ Campaign Planning, Development & Management: You will build creative and innovative healthcare communication strategies which fully reflect client objectives, whilst ensuring that you are following and promoting the use of best practice and agency systems/processes to guarantee that high-standards of quality, results and profitability are achieved. You will be responsible for a minimum of two accounts, but also knowledgeable about products and therapy areas of all GCI Health London accounts so you can strategically counsel account teams as the need arises.     

✓ Upskilling and Training: You will regularly liaise with your counterparts within GCI Health and the WPP network to learn from their experiences and assess for new opportunities. These learnings should then be translated into new processes and ways of working, and training for the wider team. You will also continuously look to upskill the GCI Health London team on industry news, communications practices, developments relevant to our work and future. This upskilling could be in the form of a training session for all staff, or regular email updates.    

✓ Account Profitability: You will help maintain company profitability through effective monitoring of service levels, resourcing and undertaking regular analysis. This will apply to the accounts you are directly running, as well as all other accounts you are overseeing.    

✓ Networking, Organic Growth and Company Development: You will represent GCI Health London at healthcare communications industry events to help build both your personal and our agency profile, while always maintaining a valuable portfolio of industry contacts to leverage with clients and for business development purposes.  You will also focus on developing your accounts and those of the company to grow revenue organically by 10% per annum.     

✓ Client Liaison: You will play an active client facing role and coach teams on how to manage client relationships to ensure business stability and the best campaign outcomes. This will include ongoing coaching as issues arise, as well as stepping in to have direct client contact as the need arises.     

✓ Line Management:  You will have responsibility for line management of assigned team members, through effective management of their development and progression within the agency. Motivating, supporting and developing team members to deliver client results across accounts will be continuously expected from you.     

✓ Positive Attitude: You will ensure your attitude and demeanour at work is one of positivity, respect and support, even in the face of adversity. Team members look up to you for guidance on how to act in times of stress and how you treat those around you, so you are expected to be a professional and supportive team player in all interactions at GCI Health London.    

✓ Digital Media Championing: You will demonstrate a strong understanding of the digital media landscape, always striving to learn and adapt to the rapidly changing plethora of tools and applications available to us. You will keep clients educated and up-to-date in social media and apply appropriate digital and social media tools within the execution of client programmes.    

✓ Leadership Team: You will proactively contribute to the day-to-day operations of the business through your Leadership Team responsibilities. In addition, recognising we are still a relatively young business, you will play a key role in shaping our management practices, as well as how we market GCI Health London externally.  

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