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Project Coordinator - Davies

Santa Barbara, CA

At Davies, our Project Coordinator leads the day-to-day implementation of public affairs activities for our clients. 

The Job:

As Project Coordinator, you collaborate with senior leadership on strategies for assigned projects, and are responsible for driving tasks to completion that deliver promised results. You take responsibility for managing up to meet deadlines and maintain project momentum.

You are detail-oriented and belong to a team that is committed to uncompromising quality control. You are skilled at overseeing support staff, interns, and outside contractors, and you proactively work to increase the productivity of the entire team.

The Team:

You will join a high performing team in a company whose culture has earned the firm repeated national recognition as the Best Agency to Work For. It’s a culture built on a passion for bringing fresh insight to our clients’ issues, where we are driven to win and know how to have fun doing it.

Your Capabilities:

Public Engagement. Davies represents client projects throughout the country, and routinely coordinates events, hearings, and conferences for projects on location. You are responsible for logistics and for interacting persuasively with the public.

Research. Davies conducts extensive research for each client’s project. You are responsible for coordinating such research, packaging research findings, and reporting results.

Database. Our comprehensive and deep data system is the lifeblood of all our activities. You use the database tool to help target audiences and track detailed outcomes in order to ensure effective outreach. 

Creative. Davies produces a large amount of original content for client projects. You participate in the development of websites, fact booklets, outreach letters and plans. 

Production. You coordinate and facilitate the production of outreach materials (print, web, video, audio, etc.) and are comfortable in a dynamic environment where there are tight deadlines and many moving pieces. 

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