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Senior Associate - Sloane & Company LLC

Communications for Technology and Start-Ups

Sloane & Company is looking for a Senior Associate to help build out its quickly-growing technology and start-up practice.  The ideal candidate is socially aware, conscientious and of the moment; they should have their finger on the pulse of what’s new, cool, and innovative in the tech space!

A minimum of three years of experience is required.  Connections to tech and start-up reporters are a plus, as is a network of other tech-savvy millennials to tap into as potential new business prospects and partners.  An ability to think out of the box and entrepreneurially to service clients is appreciated, as is a thirst for multi-disciplinary knowledge.

The qualified candidate will lead forward-thinking, interesting and challenging accounts, many of them younger companies.  Expertise and interest in social media is a must, especially as to how it can help smartly augment a client’s communications strategy.

Qualified candidates will have strong writing skills, including the ability to draft smart op-eds, as well as a familiarity with content development, and be an expert relationship manager who is able to forge and maintain genuine connections with reporters.

If this sounds like you, but you’re a little short on years of experience or conversely a little more experienced than the job description, tell us why you’re a good match. Please email [email protected].

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