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SVP - Hotwire PR

San Francisco, CA; New York, NY

Enterprise Business Development

What is my role?

You are a member of Hotwire’s Global Business Development and Marketing Team, working alongside the chief development officer to turn our growth plans and strategies for the business into reality.  It is your job to identify, target and ultimately convert ‘Big Game’ prospects with communication budgets well in excess of $1m per year. You will be responsible for developing the appropriate strategy, managing the sales and business development process and then leading the pitch process through to conversion and contract negotiation.

You will own an annual enterprise sales plan with a global revenue number attached.  You will provide strong leadership in developing not only best sales practices but innovative ways to identify, prospect, nurture and ultimately win significant domestic and international accounts. 

You will use your existing network and experience of large multi-country pitches to play a key role in our global sales and business development efforts, working alongside the global marketing team to target and connect with CMOs within large companies and target cache brands. You are a decision maker and problem solver, trusted by all to act for the greater good of Hotwire in line with our values and in support of our sales needs.

What can I expect?

Reporting to the chief development officer, based in London but working closely with the president of NA, you will lead the work to ensure we are invited to participate in agency RFPs and RFIs from the world’s most exciting brands. You will work across all regions, with heavy emphasis on the US as the target prospects will largely be headquartered in North America. You will focus on both the pragmatic and the strategic, influencing and implementing both short and long-term initiatives required to establish a strong enterprise sales pipeline. 

You will be expected to collaborate with our country Managing Directors around the world so as to best represent their businesses in the pursuit of leads and sales conversion. You can expect a significant degree of autonomy within your role, and will be expected to act proactively to ensure optimum performance of the business at all times. This will mean working with multiple teams, departments and geographies, and travelling as required to get the best results.

What’s important?

You will be instrumental in helping Hotwire grow and become the best agency our team and clients will ever work with. Specifically ensuring we are:

  • Targeting the right prospects that support both our positioning and desired growth trajectory
  • Pitching & winning business in the $1m to $3m per year range
  • Working with the sales & marketing team to develop a world class new business function

It is important you leverage your existing network of contacts and that you demonstrate maturity and sound commercial acumen to bring opportunities to the table and to convert them effectively and efficiently using the global resources at your disposal. You should act both as a hunter to develop opportunities and as an enabler, knowing when to step forward to support the pitch team, and when to take a step back to allow them to shine. You should have strong opinions, backed up by experience and learning, and be excited to embrace and endorse new ways of thinking and working

­­How will I be measured?

  • Hit the enterprise sales targets – booked new sales revenue per financial year
  • Monthly pipeline – enterprise leads & opportunities
  • Leadership satisfaction <75% from global internal survey


FY18 Priorities

  • Identification of target sales list
  • Create enterprise sales plan that sit alongside existing sales plans
  • Partner with marketing team to increase CMO awareness of Hotwire
  • Deliver >$300,000 of booked FY18 new sales revenue (dependant on start date)
  • Mining of existing network, introductions & sales meetings
  • Collaborative audit of current sales materials with business development team
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