There is a distinct difference between brands which merely communicate, and those which communicate and create experiences for their followers and target consumers. In the first case, by solely communicating, brands will inevitably stall and not gain loyal consumers. These important consumers are increasingly informed and eager for new sensations and experiences. In Greek mythology, we all know what happened to the sailors who listened to the siren’s songs, and, as such, brands lacking in soul can attract consumers by singing their song and gain short-term results. However, the key question is how to gain a broad, loyal consumer base, whom identify with brand values and have no plans to invest in the competitors’ products and services.  

In the latter of the aforementioned cases, brands which communicate and create experiences, have much further to go. There are certain brands which are totally consumer-orientated, and achieve this by constantly creating new content or developing personalised experiences for each consumer. It is these brands with a soul which forge a future for themselves and ensure they stand out in a crowded market.

At Marco de Comunicación, the most awarded independent agency in Spain, we are continuously carrying out analysis of trends and opinion studies to provide our clients with the best strategies to combat obstacles in our globalised and continuously evolving world. We believe having an experience space, either a pop-up or fixed version, to be a basic need. This gives easy access and allows consumers to have new experiences which are associated with our brands. The main objective of these types of spaces is for the consumer to feel the brand as part of themselves and to be impacted by them, much like a lovemark.

Following this logic, Marco de Comunicación has opened a new concept space in an iconic, trendy neighbourhood in the Spanish capital, named the Experience Room. As its name states, this is a space where experiences, starring our clients, take place. We have taken a great leap forward in the evolution of the traditional ‘showroom’ concept, which used to be solely dedicated to Fashion brands. Why should a lifestyle brand, which does not belong to the world of fashion, not be represented in traditional showrooms? Marco de Comunicación has aimed to answer this question by opening the Experience Room, a meeting space for our clients, their consumers, influencers and communication professionals. They can all meet in the same space to feel and experience the brand they work with.

The Experience room has, in recent months, become a space where we continually receive journalists and influencers who attend, for the most part, without formal invitations, to get to know brands from an experiential point of view. This includes a wine tasting session, which can be adapted to any season of the year; a beauty session and haircut following the season’s latest trends; or discovering new design trends. Occasionally, these journalists and influencers also work in our space to become inspired, surrounded by a professional and creative team which forms part of an agency with a drive to ‘think outside the box’.

Our Experience Room has allowed brands to strengthen ties with journalists and influencers and has contributed to their positive results, which, in terms of press and social media appearances, have improved by up to 30%, according to internal analysis.

What is the reason for this improvement? At Marco de Comunicación, we know the key is creating a human link, based on an emotional relationship and experience. This link allows brands who utilise this experiential space to improve their positioning to journalists and influencers, allowing them to transmit positive messages about their brand to their readers and followers, leaving a feeling akin to a ‘lovemark’.

At Marco de Comunicación, this great transformation is one we want to create for the brands with whom we collaborate. In the agency, we no longer communicate in just one direction. Instead, we spread our focus in order to obtain the greatest number of media appearances. We want to highlight the fact that our brands initiate this transformation, which propels them to the new modern Olympus, where they seek to be nothing other than a lovemark in their sector. Will you join us?