The Alsea Group and its Brands

Alsea is the leading restaurant operator in Latin America and Spain with global brands in the fast food, coffee shop, casual and family dining sectors. It has a diversified portfolio, with brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Burger King, Chili’s, California Pizza Kitchen, P.F. Chang’s, Italianni’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Vips, El Portón, Archies, Foster’s Hollywood, La Vaca Argentina, Cañas y Tapas, Il Tempietto and Archie’s. The company operates more than 3,000 units and has more than 60,000 collaborators in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Spain. Its business model includes support for its brands through a Shared Services and Support Center that provides support in all Administrative and Development Processes, as well as the Supply Chain.

Since 2009 we have worked with the Starbucks brand in Mexico and in 2014 all of the brands of Alsea Group were joined together.

The work that has been developed in recent years has seen us win various awards, the most recent being:

  • Silver Stevie Winner 2017: Starbucks. We All Grow Coffee.
  • Silver Stevie Winner 2017: Alsea Foundation. It runs on my account.
  • Gran Effie 2016 with Domino’s Pizza for the launch of their app.

Communication Goals

  • To build the positioning and reputation of the Alsea Group, whilst maintaining a general strategic vision and specific goals for each of the brands that it represents.
  • To create moments within the communities which allow for a relevant brand experience that transmits the aims and values of the brands of the Alsea Group

Key Activities

  • Annual and campaign-specific advice and planning.
  • Positioning of spokespeople.
  • Decreasing and restriction of negative impacts towards the brand.
  • Creation of the brand's narrative through key communication documents.
  • Training of spokespeople
  • Coordination of the press cabinet in order to build the positioning of the brands
  • Creation of experiences for consumers, influencers and the media.

2016 Qualitative Results

  • The average increase of publications vs. 2015 was 25% while the level of relation with digital influencers remained the same.
  • Combining offline and online efforts, the impact on the public was 23% higher in 2016 than 2015.
  • Alsea had a presence in the media agenda every month.
  • It was possible to raise the communication of the brand vs. the communication of the product of different brands within Alsea.
  • The media coverage was mostly Tier 1 or Tier 2 level, with lifestyle, gastronomy, business, marketing and general information sources. In other words, the media that is of interest to each brand's target audience.A communication calendar was established in order to profit from the PR efforts.

Success Story. Starbucks: We All Grow Coffee 2016


Communication Goals

  • To communicate that Starbucks Mexico is extending its support for coffee producers in Chiapas with the third edition of the We All Grow Coffee initiative.
  • This support consists of donating a rust-resistant coffee tree for every bag of whole bean coffee purchased by customers in the more than 500 stores in the country. In addition, on June 17, 100% of sales from the “Coffee of the Day” will go toward supporting tree donations.

Key Activities

  • Simultaneous coordination of communication with Starbucks International.
  • Video testimony of Mexican coffee growers.
  • Infographic of goals and results.
  • Development of communication material (communication briefs, press bulletins and editorial articles).
  • 1:1 interviews


  • During the third edition of We All Grow Coffee, 62 impacts were registered in the media, along with 34 mentions on social media. All together, an audience of 7.06 million was reached.
  • The combined advertising value was $1,594,260 MXN.
  • The donation reached was double that of the first two editions of the program.

Success Story. Domino’s: Launch of Domino's App


Communication Goals

  • To introduce the Domino's App as one of the brand's key innovative turning points, by strengthening consumer's experiences in the digital world.
  • To position Domino's as a leading company in customer service in both the physical and virtual world.

Key Activities

  • Development of communication material (communication briefs and press bulletins).
  • Media Training session for spokespeople
  • Launching event (for media and influencers)
  • 1:1 interviews
  • Trivia management with Tier 1 media


  • Coverage of 65 journalists from business, lifestyle, market and gourmet sectors.
  • 109 impacts were registered in the media, along with 29 mentions on social media. Together, an audience of 19,164,505 million was reached.
  • The combined advertising value was $1,898,589 MXN.
  • 100% of the notes mention the brand in the title of the note.

AVON – Fundación AVON


For more than 130 years, AVON has been empowering women all over the world, and fighting against the issues that affect them the most: Breast cancer and domestic violence. Since 1999, the AVON Company has been working worldwide to promote women's rights, ensuring their integrity and personal development.

AVON has been present in Argentina since 1970 and continues supporting women's beauty needs and accomplishments. While providing millions of clients with first class products, AVON holds its position at the forefront of the cosmetic industry, investing in technology and leading in scientific investigation.

In Argentina, Llorente & Cuenca has worked on the communication and positioning of AVON and Fundación AVON for more than 8 years, designing creative and innovative communication strategies to widen the visibility of the company's focus of interests. Ever since we have worked with AVON, excellent results have been achieved, with our client experiencing pronounced growth and recognition in all the proposed areas.

AVON has been raising through the MERCO (Corporate Reputation Business Monitor) rankings, which names the companies with the best CSR reputation. In 2016, AVON was 67 on the ranking, and this year it is 39.

Success Story: AVON: "Beauty for a Purpose"

Within the framework of repositioning their brand, in 2015 AVON, with the help of the consultancy OnPoint Research, carried out a study on female empowerment, the results of which helped to develop "Beauty for a Purpose" ("Belleza por un Próposito" in Spanish). The survey was carried out in 9 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States) and took the opinions of 650 women.

Beauty for a Purpose became the new message which showed the company's mission and came across in all of its communication, with the brands subsequent actions all representing said message. For example, the campaigns such as "the day of the woman" and the launching of new products such as Matte lipsticks all looked to celebrate notable women, transmitting messages such as "changing your look while you change the world" and "do what you want, while feeling comfortable".

The challenge that Llorente & Cuenca had was to develop a communication strategy to launch the new positioning of the AVON brand in Argentina; generating visibility with the media and opinion leaders; and getting the company to ignite debates and conversations about how to accelerate the empowerment of women and their role within companies, in order to achieve economic equality with men. The key was to unleash the huge amount of talent that these women have within them.

The Strategy for Empowering Women in Argentina

To realize the local launching of the campaign, the creation of a "circle of women" was proposed, the idea of which was: 60 minutes of Female Empowerment, 6 women in that situation, 6 stories of achievement. All of the real life stories were inspiring and represented issues such as: inclusive beauty, financial education, the fight against domestic violence, leadership and innovation, beating the stereotypes of machismo and professional inclusion. These were admirable women who inspired other women because of their strength, determination and the way they transmit beauty all around them.

These stories were presented at an event held at the Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Museum which was aimed at opinion leaders, key journalists and other stakeholders.

The campaign, which did not need any advertising, reached a high level of visibility in the graphic, audiovisual and online media, allowing these stories of achievement to be known.

Likewise, the Company created the brand's first journalism website, as a storytelling platform which reflects AVON's mission to empower women. The site's content can be shared via social media and it presents a renewed perspective about the power and strength of women, it shares captivating editorials and a range of content such as: real life stories, personal profiles of the Independent Representatives, behind the scenes access to the Research and Development Center, the inspiration behind the innovations in beauty products, etc.

The Results alongside the Campaign's Success

The "Beauty for a Purpose" campaign was highly successful thanks to the event and the various channels of communication that were used to spread the news.

90 journalists and 20 AVON representatives took part in the presentation of the event.

The campaign had a total of 68 impacts in the space of two weeks in national and local media. 100 % of the impacts were positive and in favor of the campaign.

On social media a total of 66 impacts were had in the space of two weeks on the official accounts of media outlets and influencers.

These messages reached more than 3,000,000 people and represented an Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) of $568,461.

Fundación AVON: “S.O.S ELLA: Atrapada en una Realidad Violenta”

LC Avon2

Since 2008, Fundación AVON in Argentina has developed actions in order to eradicate violence toward women through the program "Alza la voz Contra la Violencia de Género" [Raise your voice against domestic violence], defending women's rights and taking care of their physical, emotional and social integrity by means of awareness, training and networking actions.

In this regard, they have led diverse initiatives, such as the setting up of a Socio-labor Integration Program; the creation of an Institute of Justice in order to train and prepare judges, legal professionals, attorneys and representatives from governmental bodies etc., with the aim of improving the way the criminal justice system in Argentina reacts to domestic violence; graphic and audiovisual campaigns; training workshops for women dedicated to the issue; free distribution of informative guides; displays of artwork and murals to raise awareness, and much more.

“S.O.S ELLA: Atrapada en una Realidad Violenta” [S.O.S HER: Trapped in a Violent Reality] was a campaign in which actions raising awareness were at the core due to the need to "attract society's attention" in terms of victims of domestic violence.

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (November 25), Fundación AVON developed the S.O.S. ELLA: Atrapada en una Realidad Violenta campaign. This was backed by the National Council for Women and the NGO La Casa del Encuentro and the aim was for society to be able to, by means of new virtual reality technology, experience first-hand the daily suffering that a woman who is a victim of domestic violence goes through. Through a 360° video, the main objective of the campaign was to raise awareness about Domestic Violence, allowing viewers to put themselves in the shoes of a victim, so that they would then act and contribute to eradicate this issue. As well as an impacting video which simulates reality, it was also important to present the campaign in a disruptive and immersive way, where those that experience it would feel as if it were real life. For this reason, we sought to involve participants in the story that they were going to experience in every aspect, from the invitations that were sent to the presentation of the event.

S.O.S ELLA was geared toward society in general, with the aim of reaching as many people as possible, with awareness raising messages such as "if you feel it, act", "to change this reality we need to put ourselves in victim's shoes", "SOS HER" and "I'm many women's S.O.S".

The public that attended the launch event were, on the whole, journalists, opinion leaders, representatives from NGOs and governmental authorities; and, thanks to the campaign being broadcast through many different channels of communication, the visibility of the action reaching society was widened.

The S.O.S ELLA campaign event launch took place on November 24, 2016 and more than 70 people attended, including journalists, opinion leaders, representatives from NGOs and governmental authorities.

Likewise, thanks to the press involvement, a Domestic Violence victim (Celeste Bartolomé) heard about the campaign when it was mentioned beforehand on the radio station Metro, she then attended the event to give her story and was interviewed by Brenda Struminger from the newspaper La Nación.

The campaign gained around 100 impacts on national and international media (audiovisual, graphic, digital and social media) with an AVE of 127,775.21 USD and 53,902,879 contacts reached. The 360º video was viewed 378,000 times on Facebook and more than 700,000 on YouTube.

S.O.S. ELLA is a landmark for the work of Fundación AVON. The storm that the launch event created was not just due to the amount of attendees, but also because of their role in society and their commitment to this cause, thus allowing the campaign to enjoy great visibility.

Likewise, the initiative became a tool through which people were made aware of Domestic Violence, thanks to the fact that they were able to put themselves in the shoes of a victim and experience their suffering first hand. The use of virtual reality technology allows us to evoke emotions, drive home the message and make the general society engaged with this issue. The aim of this is to make society aware and able to visualize situations that are often considered as normal and, thus, they are not identified.

As it currently stands, the campaign is still present in academic, public and private fields throughout the country thanks to the work that Fundación AVON has carried out both on and offline with different organizations and institutions; just as the kit to experience a virtual reality is sent as an awareness material.

Avon Awards

  • 2012. Golden PR Pencil 2011 for Avon's Mother's Day campaign. Editorial Dossier.
  • 2012. 3 Eikon Awards Gold for AVON's General Institutional Communication Campaign for the Mother's Day campaign; two silvers for the Communication about Mother's Day and the steps that were gained to raise awareness of breast cancer, in the category of Community Relations.
  • 2013. Eikon Award (Silver) for the development of a campaign against breast cancer with the Fundación Avon.
  • 2014. Eikon Awards Communication work with the actions of the Fundación Avon and Avon Cosmetics (social marketing category).
  • 2014. Gold in the Communications or PR Campaign of the Year- Social Media Focused category: "Mama Style, el baile que salva vidas" [Mama Style, the dance that saves lives], Avon campaign. The International Business Awards.
  • 2014. Silver for the spreading in the media of the Avon campaign "Mama Style, el baile que salva vidas" [Mama Style, the dance that saves lives]. Mercury Excellence Awards.
  • 2015. IPRA Golden World Awards in the category of “Corporate Responsibility”, for Avon's crusade against breast cancer.
  • 2015. Gold for AVON Crusade against Breast Cancer. Category: Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year – in Mexico, Central and South America. The International Business Awards.
  • 2016. Silver for the campaign #QuéOnda [#What'sUpWith] Category: Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year – in Mexico, Central and South America. The International Business Awards.
  • 2016. Silver Eikon Award. #QuéOnda campaign in the category General Digital, Web, Social Media and Digital Mobile Communication.
  • 2016. Distinctions at the 13th edition of the RSC Awards. Distinction for the campaign 12° Caminata AVON Alrededor del Mundo Contra el Cáncer de Mama [12th AVON Race Worldwide against Breast Cancer] in the NGO category.
  • 2016. 2 SABRE awards: one in the category FASHION AND BEAUTY with AVON's Beauty Empowers Women campaign, and the other in the Argentinian category with Fundación AVON's campaign #QuéOnda [What's Up With].
  • 2017. Gold Stevie Award in the category of Communications or PR Campaign of the Year – Public Service for the Fundación AVON campaign S.O.S ELLA: Atrapada en una Realidad Violenta.
  • 2017. APSAL Awards in the category Community Action for Fundación AVON's campaign of the AVON Walk-Race to Beat Breast Cancer
  • 2017. Silver Award in the category Social Causes with the Golden PR Pencil for the campaign S.O.S. ELLA:Atrapada en una Realidad Violenta de Fundación AVON.