Some of Kim's examples seemed surprisingly old... but they’re not! They were just a couple of years ago; suddenly we realise how fast technology and our behaviours change in a short period of time. 

He showed us that essentially "It's a matter of connecting with society", and to engage with them, we have to entertain (laugh), generate emotions (cry), and take care of the ego (make me rich and famous, like Michelle Phan).

Be aware that "an event doesn't exist unless you have your audience tweeting it"; and "Make the economics work" as Samsung did recently with the new Galaxy Edge cellphone.

All this social media movement is already a huge part of our challenge when we are working on a brand-building campaign, so we should get ready for a new era of opportunity. Peter gave us a bunch of useful guides to the next 10 years:

  • Social media is gone! In the future everything will be interactive and most of the platforms will be shoppable (eg:. Visa Checkout and Williams-Sonoma Savor Summer with Shoppable Videos).
  • We have to do things in a more "snackable" format, because time will be even more valuable.
  • Everything must be automatedfiltered and integrated. We will finally use the potential of connectivity like Cheil Worldwide did with a new app to help North Korean student defectors communicate and translate easily when settling in South Korea.

The scary vision of ourselves in the future with our social media embedded subcutaneously feels like it should be out of a great movie, but there has been an announcement that the products in this field are going to be available in China very soon. He shared a great example of an inspirational movie that reminded us the importance of empowering people in future of social media. 

For dessert, we leave you one quote that we keep in mind: "What does this mean for brands? You have to change to engage."