There is no rest for the weary in the consumer electronics world. 

While some may take well-deserved time off in the summer, the CE industry is already gearing up for the marathon that is Q4. Fall product showcases and events, holiday campaigns, pre-CES events… the list goes on. 

If your clients have tech product launches scheduled this fall, it will take careful planning and consideration to make sure they break away from the pack. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure their launches are your team’s successes.

  • Start the planning process early: Planning is the key to any successful launch, but it is even more crucial when trying to launch a tech product in the thick of Q4. Remember, the earlier you plan, the better the outcome. Plain and simple.


  • Don’t rely on a one-size fits all approach: Not all product launches require a formal press conference, nor is every gadget worthy of a cover story. Assess the product at hand and provide counsel on the best approach that will get you the results you want. Keep in mind that you may need to leverage a combination of tactics before, during and post launch to reach all of the right audiences.


  • Articulate why your product is news-worthy: Simply saying something is “innovative” or “ground-breaking” isn’t enough to warrant a story. From the beginning of your program, make it clear what sets your product apart from the competition. Detail the user benefits and highlight how it is different from other products on the market.


  • Make your product easy to cover: As busy as it may be for us PR folks, Q4 is ten times busier for tech media so respect their time and make it easy for them to cover your news. Provide materials digitally and in one place so media don’t have to search for images and details. If you’re hosting an event, then have hard copies of materials as well and make sure you have several working product samples available for them to experience themselves.  

Keep these tips in mind to get the ROI your client wants and strengthen some media relationships in the process. That way, your Q4 product launch won’t only be a client success, but one for your team too!


Katie Seifert is Senior Account Supervisor of Consumer Tech at Coyne