When the digital and social media revolution began, technology public relations specialist Chameleon PR was one of the first U.K. public relations firms to establish strong credentials, making sure all employees understood the growing importance of online communications and integrating online and offline communications seamlessly into almost every account as part of a strategy to drive positive word-of-mouth. It was an approach that resonated with start-up clients, particularly those in the Internet space, and contributed significantly to the firm’s impressive growth.
In early 2009, Chameleon took its digital strategy one step further and created the Reptile Group, a parent company that now consists of two brands: Chameleon, which will continue to focus on providing media and analyst relations services to business-to-business technology and telecoms companies; and Komodo, a PR and digital communications consultancy that serves consumer companies in the entertainment, technology, telecoms, lifestyle and food and drinks sectors. Together, the two firms will offer a range of services that includes traditional media relations, analyst relations, crisis and issues management, media training, social media outreach, search engine optimization, and evaluation, from offices in London and Manchester and through a network of partners throughout Europe and the U.S.
Chameleon founder Helen Holland believes that senior consultants do their best work when they are focused on their clients rather than managing a team of junior professionals. The structure of the agency reflects that conviction: there’s very little hierarchy, with each of its consultants bringing a minimum of eight years experience in the communications business. In addition to Hollard herself, the leadership team include Jonathan Simnett, who serves as managing director of strategic development for the group; Chameleon managing director Steve Loynes; Adrian Ma, head of Komodo; and digital practice leader Mo Elnadi. The firm’s new R.Evolution recruitment and professional development programme is designed to ensure a continued supply of top talent.

As a result of the restructuring, Chameleon has found itself beginning to work with more global brands, and now serves as lead agency for several clients, managing Citrix, for example, in 16 markets. To ensure quality control, the firm has established the R.World network, which includes members in EMEA, India and the United States.