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The SABRE Awards Latin America

The pace of change in public relations and communications has never been faster than it is today. The rise of digital and social media has changed how companies engage with their key stakeholders - creating new opportunities for public relations professionals. But it has also shaken up the competitive landscape, blurring the lines between PR and marketing and forcing PR firms to compete with other disciplines, from ad agencies and digital specialists to management consulting firms.

In this new environment, it is vitally important to showcase and to celebrate the best work produced by public relations firms and public relations departments, to demonstrate that PR can come up with big brand-building ideas, creative content, and strategic reputation management programs that impact the bottom line.

2018 Latin America SABRE Awards details will be available soon.
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View our 2017 SABRE Awards Latin America winners here

The competition includes categories recognizing the best programming in various countries and regions—from Mexico and the Caribbean to Argentina and Brazil—as well as practice areas from crisis communications to consumer marketing and industry sectors from healthcare to technology.