Last year was another record-breaking year for public service announcement, according to a new study from broadcast and Internet public relations producer and distributor West Glen Communications, which tracked more than 1.9 million broadcast PSA airings for 229 television and radio PSA campaigns—a 20 percent increase in airings from 2010.

“Clearly this is a good time for nonprofits looking for visibility,” says Annette Minkalis, executive vice president at WestGlen. “Even if the volume of PSA space remains steady in 2012, that’s still a lot of space that can be filled with good public service campaigns.”

The analysis showed that television PSAs continued to air in increasingly good day parts, with only 29 percent of TV airings occurring in the overnight hours. More than two-thirds of TV airings occurred during waking day parts, a 2 percent increase from 2010.

Among radio PSAs, 58 percent of airings occurred during waking day parts, with 22 percent of airings during the morning and afternoon drive times.

In addition, the proportion of airings in national and top markets has remained consistent over the past three years, with 27 percent of TV airings and 23 percent of radio airings occurring in the top 25 media markets.