JAKARTA — Aida Greenbury is departing Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), where she spent 13 years overseeing the controversial company's sustainability policies.

Greenbury, whose exit was announced on Twitter and confirmed by Eco-Business, will be replaced by Elim Sritaba, director of human resources for APP sister company Sinarmas Forestry. 

Greenbury was a high-profile advocate for APP's zero deforestation policy, working with NGOs to improve the company's sustainability practices. She told the Holmes Report that she now plans to "share my knowledge and expertise to help save the forest in a wider scale."

As Eco-Business reports, Greenbury led APP’s sustainability efforts through the most tumultous period in the company’s 45-year history. A vocal proponent of sustainable forestry practices in social media and a regular figure at high-level industry events, Greenbury has been faced with ongoing challenges to the credibility of APP’s sustainability claims, most recently the construction of one of the world’s largest paper and pulp mills in South Sumatra, that has alarmed environmentalists.

In an interview with the Holmes Report earlier this year, Greenbury pointed out that implementation of policies is far more important than rhetoric and promises.