SAN FRANCISCO — Blueshirt Group has has added two senior leaders to its team –  Ryan Hutchinson and Irmina Blaszczyk, both of whom will serve as managing directors based at the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

Hutchinson is a former equity research analyst, having spent 18 years working on Wall Street.  He most recently served as managing director of Guggenheim Securities.

Blaszczyk has worked in internal investor relations and related fields for 13 years, during which she led programs for companies Symantec and Brightstar.


Blueshirt co-founder Alex Wellins said the new hires furthers the company’s strategy of building a team that has individuals with experience working in the financial world as well as experts in communications. The Next 15-owned firm has a portfolio services including IPO advising, investor relations and financial media relations.


“This is part of the growth of the firm,” Wellins said. Having Hutchinson in particular onboard will allow Blueshirt to expand its offerings, he said.


Wellins said he expects to see a rise in the number of tech company IPOs in the year ahead following the recent record low.